Yoga at Work


As I believe it is very helpful in combatting stress, and with many people now working from home, I am continuing to offer my Wellness at Work yoga sessions. These can be held as Zoom meetings, in person or a blend of the two, depending on circumstances. Please email me for details of how to set up a class for your organisation.

Karin has developed a successful programme of Yoga at Work which is especially effective within an overall Wellness programme for staff.

This workplace-centred approach includes poses for strength and stamina, improving posture, back health and for soothing desk-bound aches and pains.

Local clients include The Gurdon Institute, Mott Macdonald, St. Mary's School, Cognidox, Xilinx, Queens' College Cambridge and Cambridge University Botanic Gardens.

Please contact Karin if you are interested in arranging regular yoga sessions at your work place.